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Diploma Programs




CRT 114-BI Homeopathic Medicine from the British Institute


This course is a 300-hour personally tutored home study course leading to a diploma in D.I.Homeopathy from the British Institute as well as a diploma from Westbrook University.


HS 580 Introduction to Pathology


The content of this course consists of a presentation of various disease states with a focus upon etiology signs and symptoms and the pathogenesis of disease.


HS 453 Anatomy and Physiology


Almost any aspect of health and healing involves some knowledge of what constitutes a healthy body and how it is supposed to work. This course introduces human anatomy and physiology together so that the student can appreciate the close relationship between structure and function. This course begins with basic concepts and the building blocks of life. It explores how these are combined into cells, tissues, organs and systems to achieve specific purposes through organization and metabolism. The course is designed so that the student who successfully masters it can be assured of being well prepared for other courses in the field of health and healing.


HS 406 Introduction to Homeopathy


This course is intended to provide the student with a basic overview of homeopathy and its role in health care. The role of a homeopathic remedy is to stimulate the immune system, to help in maintaining or restoring the body to a healthy balance. Homeopathic remedies are derived from plants, animals or minerals.


CRT 115-BI Advanced Homeopathic Medicine from the British Institute


This course is a 450-hour personally tutored advanced home study course, which includes a thesis, leading to the award of a postgraduate diploma, D.H.M. from the British Institute as well as a diploma from Westbrook University.

HS 430 Parasitology

This course will present students with an awareness and understanding of which parasitic diseases currently exist in the United States, the extent of the problem, reasons these diseases are increasing, and the methods used to diagnose, treat, and prevent parasitic diseases. Students completing the course will be able to recognize and prevent infection.

HS 450 Biochemistry

This course is based upon a unique text by Stephen Goldberg, M.D. It is designed to make learning biochemistry easy and even enjoyable. This course focuses on the concepts of biochemistry, and upon practical, clinical applications. This course is designed for all types of holistic practitioners, who will find it full of useful and relevant material about the chemistry of our bodies, and how it relates to health and disease.

HS 585 Reams’ Urine and Saliva Analysis

A common sense approach to nutrition that demonstrates how complex issues such as health, life and wellness can be reduced to simple, easy-to-understand, practical ideas and applications. Urine and saliva screening helps determine the cause of the loss of energy and which foods and/or supplements should be added to an individual’s diet to fit their exact body chemistry. The factors used for determining the mathematical expression of Dr. Reams’ urine and saliva screening will be elaborated upon.