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Introduction to Mental Health diploma:

Individual health splits to two kinds not only one as people think, there is psychological health and physical health associated with each other strongly and clearly. If you neglect your psychological health you will harm your physical health. As we need psychological guiding in the all sides in our live even in breeding children in properly and good way, psychological health is man’s secret of happiness


 Contents of psychological health and modifying behavior diploma:


  1.  Firstly: Primary concepts of psychological health,


  • The meaning of psychological health.
  • Socio-psychological compliance.
  • Self- Compliance.
  • Mis- Compliance.
  • Mis-Compliance features.
  • Conditions of straight compliance.
  • Working relationship of the compliance.
  • Manners and tricks of compliance.
  • Conflicts types.


  1.  Second: psychological health and psychological growth
  • Psychological health, psychological growth and facing the mis-compliance.
  • Figures of mis-compliance to child.
  • The bases on which the rule of psychologist is built.
  • Figures of psychological health deviation.
  • Psychosis.
  • Symptoms of psychosis.
  • Types of psychosis (organic psychosis -functional psychosis) .
  • Neuroses.
  • Anxiety.
  • Hysteria.
  • Psychotic behavior layout.


  1.  Genetics:
  • Environment effect.
  • Emotional factors.
  • The rule of genetics and environment in socio-psychological disorders.
  • Interaction between genetics and environment.
  • Genetic rule in criminal behavior.
  • Environment and aunti-society criminal behavior.


  1. Insanities
  • Reasons
  • Symptoms
  • Check and diagnosis
  • Treatment


  1. Psychometric measure and psychological analyzing
  • Concept of psychometric measurement and psychological analyzing.
  • Function of psychometric measurement and psychological analyzing.
  • Types of psychometric measure.
  • How to apply psychometric measurement and its rule in diagnosis.