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Physical Therapy Assistant 56 Credit Hours


Westbrook University in conjunction with Center IMT Is proud to offer this Diploma program. It constitutes 15 courses plus a clinical externship. For a detailed curriculum sheet, please call our Admissions Director at 1-800-447-6496.


CRT 102 Bach Flower Remedies – 5 Credits


HS 462 Bach Flower Remedies

This course is designed to give a thorough working knowledge of the Bach Flower Remedies. The student will learn the properties of all 38 remedies and how to recognize indications for individual remedies as they manifest in emotions and personality types.


CRT 103 Reflexology – 2 Credits


HS 597 Reflexology

This course covers the history, science, and current techniques of reflexology as it is used around the world. Reflexology is a technique of stimulating specific points on the body to increase circulation and aid relaxation. Theory, techniques, and methods of assessing the feet and hands will be explored.


CRT 104 Nutritional Counseling and Hair Mineral Analysis – 5 Credits


HS 457 Nutritional Counseling and Hair Mineral Analysis

A study of the scientific literature regarding minerals and their relation to biochemistry. The student will learn the theoretical concepts involved in interpretation of the test and clinical observations regarding the use of hair mineral analysis for understanding body chemistry, preventing illness, designing corrective programs, and monitoring progress. The laboratory procedures necessary will be explained.


CRT 108 Nutritional Counseling – 15 Credits


Upon completion of the four courses comprising CRT 142, a diploma will be awarded.

IR 511 Pre-Cancerous Constitutional Types

The student will learn about the research done by Broy, instructor at the Naturopathic College in Munich, West Germany. The three constitutions, which he found to demonstrate a high propensity for development of neoplasia due to metabolic and immunological weaknesses, will be discussed. Slides will be shown to demonstrate that each of these three constitutional types can be noted by specific markings in the iris.

IR 512 Visions of Health

This course consists of the study of the iris map and how the iris markings and signs relate to the human body. The student will review 56 iris slides with an audio commentary by Dr. Jensen. These slides depict various case histories of Dr. Jensen. He explains which signs to observe in each iris picture and how they correlate with the health condition of each person. The student is then required to analyze various iris slides.

IR 561 Review of the Iridology Literature

The student will study and learn from some of the most interesting journal articles in the field of Iridology. These articles are based upon research conducted throughout the world. From these articles, the student will learn how some of the most experienced iridologists conduct their practices. They will learn about various forms of iris photography. They will review specific case histories of clinically ill patients and what was observed in the irises of these people. Fascinating work with Chromotherapy and its effects on the iris will be also studied.


CRT 108 Nutritional Counseling – 16 Credits


Upon completion of the two courses comprising CRT 143, a diploma will be awarded.

IR 620 Advanced Iridology, Health and Nutrition

This is a thorough, comprehensive study of iridology. Students will discover how iridology and nutrition work together as well as how each organ or tissue type has a unique chemical balance, which is in equilibrium with the chemical balance of the body as a whole. When nerves are depleted in any part of the body, nerve depletion is reflected in the iris. When a specific mineral is depleted in any organ, it is indicated in the iris zone for that organ. Research is covered on genealogy and predisposing genetic factors, and how signs of inherent weakness differ from those of acquired illness. Advanced computer studies are examined to demonstrate an objective scientific basis for validating the iridological methods of health evaluation.

IR 630 Master Teaching Series II

An advanced review of 140 iris slides with written and audiotape commentary by Dr. Jensen. This course will give the student advanced practical experience in iris examinations, learning to detect markings in the eye, and understanding what they represent. Emphasis is placed upon how to take care of the patient by the following: identification of underachieving elimination channels and major organs from iris analysis, reduction of toxic settlements with tissue cleansing, generation of new tissue with health building foods, and monitoring health changes with follow-up iris examinations and detecting changes in iris signs.