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Stanford International University for open education and vocational training was established in 2010 in Maryland, USA, to provide self-learning and online learning opportunities for students in many fields and specialties of medicine, management sciences, social and Human Sciences as well as mental health sciences, Educational Sciences and therapeutic nutrition sciences, by providing outstanding scientific content capable of preparing our students and preparing them for the labor market.

At Stanford International Open Education University, we expand access to vocational education and training, serving students with ambition to develop their academic career through self-learning, students pursuing online courses, and non-residential off-campus programs to develop careers or pursue their academic passion.

Today, we have more than 500 online courses and diplomas, as well as professional master's and doctoral programs and annually more than 5,000 students join us in our virtual classes and more than 4,500 certificates are awarded every year.

At Stanford International University for open education, we have a selection of lecturers, teachers, consultants and university professors who are academicians and have scientific and professional experience, and they teach with the latest scientific methods and curricula in accordance with international standards.

Thus, our students join us throughout the year, from all countries, from all cultural and professional backgrounds, and whatever your educational goals, Stanford University can help you achieve this.

We are at Stanford International University, our ultimate goal is to create new knowledge, preserve academic freedoms, and provide learning opportunities for everyone, anytime and everywhere.

We are expanding engagement with people and institutions around the world in an effort to promote cultural understanding, improve the human condition, and train the next generation of future leaders.