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Education is a very important factor in the progress and prosperity of society. With science we build nations and eliminate backwardness and ignorance. With science we fill the world with light. Education contributes to self-sufficiency, the use of our resources and the absence of external control over internal resources. With science we build new and wonderful intellectual generations and civilizations. She is able to build a future, as some want to get the highest education, so they go to study for a master's degree and complete a doctorate.

Professional doctorate:

Many strive to get the highest academic degrees and are not content with studying only bachelors. They wish to obtain a doctoral degree. Therefore, some universities offer professional and academic doctoral programs. We will learn about the difference between professional and academic doctorates.

The concept of a professional doctorate:

It is very similar to a traditional doctoral degree.

Professional Doctorates do not focus on previous experiences.

It focuses heavily on the practical side and more on the theoretical side, but with the need to attend and present the thesis.

Professional Doctorates help to strengthen cooperation between universities and provide an integrated framework for professional and cognitive expertise.

Ph. D. dissertation. It is based on a combination of coursework and research, so it encourages the building of professional experiences for researchers and scholars in all different professional fields.