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The faculty members at Stanford University are professors and consultants who teach students one or a number of courses and hold a high scientific degree.

The ranks and positions they take vary depending on the educational level that these members have reached, and they have a set of rights that the academic institution should grant them and they have a set of duties to perform and perform.

There are many duties and tasks assigned to the faculty members, which they are responsible for carrying out and implementing them to the fullest, and the duties of the faculty members include the following:

It is the responsibility of the faculty members to teach students within the correct academic policy and plan of the University where the students study.

Faculty members should resort to additional teaching for students, if necessary and the need to do so.

Each member of the teaching staff must prepare and prepare tests related to the subjects he teaches to students.

Each faculty member must cooperate with the members and staff of the department to which he belongs to participate in the development of academic and strategic plans for the department to which he belongs.

One of the duties assumed by the faculty members is the supervision and follow-up of research studies for the postgraduate stage.

Everyone who belongs to the teaching staff should be interested and focused on always looking for everything new in the field of teaching students and keeping abreast of the latest updates and developments in the same field.

Everyone who belongs to the teaching staff should be interested in attending various councils and meetings at which the main points of support for the student community, the society and the environment of the teaching staff are discussed.