Clinical Nutrition Professional Diploma

The importance of clinical nutrition

Proper clinical nutrition aims to build a proper and healthy body free of diseases. The interest in this field has appeared because of the diseases that food cause to human. We observe that people of poor and developing countries which depend on fixed types of food are suffering from the dangerous diseases like anemia, also in countries where farmers use hazardous chemical fertilizers which cause various diseases such as cancer to people.


Aims of clinical nutrition diploma:

  • Turning out students who have enough experience and knowledge of proper clinical nutrition methods.
  • Fulfilling the society’s needs of the qualified workforce.
  • Guiding education to specializations the labor market needs.


The content of clinical nutrition diploma:

  • Primary definitions of nutrition and nutrient elements.
  • Kinds of diets, its relationship between diseases and examples of them.
  • Metabolism of nutrients.
  • Overweight reasons and treatment methods.
  • Nutritional diet planning.
  • Computing calories and preparing nutritional diet.
  • Nutrition of Diabetics.
  • Nutrition of insulin imbalance and thyroid gland patients.
  • Thinness reasons and treatments.
  • Nutrition of athletics.
  • Different cases and exercises.


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