Clinical Nutrition Professional Master

Introduction to Clinical Nutrition Master:

Due to the importance of clinical nutrition in the modern time to protect human health from various diseases and to resist it, because of spreading many diseases which need balanced and healthy nutrition diet. Sometimes clinical nutrition has an effective role in recovering from diseases and sometimes it becomes the only cure. So the tasks of a clinical nutritionist are no longer limited just on overweight, but they also include those who suffer from thinness or other diseases whose cure includes the method of preparing and eating the food.


The organizational structure of clinical and clinical nutrition master program consists of four semesters:

  1. First semester: weekly lecture for two months. The content of each lecture is mentioned below:
  • Introduction.
  • Children nutrition.
  • ICU nutrition.
  • Sportive nutrition – weight control.
  • Old age nutrition.
  • Developed nutrition in complementary medicine and alternative treatment.
  • Nutritional sides of eating disorders.
  • Assessment test for the student before moving up to the second semester.


  1. Second semester: two months of self study of some scientific subjects selected for the student by the supervisor doctors


  1. Third semester: weekly lecture for two months includes sciences advanced to introductory of the research related to subject of Master thesis. The subject is among the following fields:
  • Studies in the nutriology field.
  • Synergy between nutrition and nutriology field.
  • Food epidemics science.
  • Nutritional supplements.
  • Research methodology.
  • Assessment test for the student before moving up to the last stage.


  1. Fourth semester: the student has the chance to prepare the Master research in his profession and discussing it under supervisory of our experts within one to three months.
  • Nutrition basics.
  • Factors which affect the nutritional case of the individual and society.
  • Clinical nutrition for diabetics.
  • Nutrition in stages of life.
  • Anemia and food allergies.
  • Clinical nutrition for gastrointestinal patients.
  • Nutrition of overweight and thinness diseases cases.
  • The treatment of weak appetite and weak eating cases.
  • Nutrition of cancer cases.
  • Nutrition of heart patients and patients with atherosclerosis.
  • Food safety and healthiness.
  • Ten types of food for treatment.
  • Food allergies diseases and treatment.
  • List of nutritive alternatives for planning meals.


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