Hospitals Management Professional Diploma

Introduction of hospital managements:

Management is the judge and criterion in a hospital success or failure, it’s the chief responsible of achieving the aims in the hospital.

Hospital management is a science which works on achieving the aims of a hospital using available possibilities and sources by observing as possible the expected obstacles and deciding how to treat or avoid them.


Aims of program:

  • Training scientifically qualified personals to manage health facilities.
  • Providing the scientific researches and studies needed to recognize the problems of health sector and suggesting suitable solutions.
  • Providing consultant services needed to design and manage full databases for health facilities.
  • Providing the essential training programs to develop the skills of the manager personals in the health sector.


Aspects of study:

  • Organizational sides of hospitals.
  • Marketing of health service.
  • Costs accounting and financial administration.
  • Lodging and nutrition service in hospitals.
  • Management information system.
  • Theories contributed to develop the concept of management.
  • Leadership- Skills.
  • Organizational structure of The Government of Health.
  • Doctor’s legal responsibility in the light of some court judgments.
  • General and diplomat protocols of management.
  • The quality in health sector.
  • Developing hospital management.
  • Developments which management have witnessed.



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