Hospitals Management Professional Master

Introduction to Hospitals Management master:

By the great technological progress in the health care sector hospital management becomes a profession aspired by the excellence workers of the health sector because of the radical changes in the health care professions. Therefore, the qualified person requires necessary knowledge which helps them on the hospital management challenges, solves the problems which related to the newest treatments types as diseases and epidemics, and how to treat with the these problems to improve the health care service provided in the hospitals.
Organizational Structure of the Professional Master Program in Hospital Management is consisting of three semesters. Each of these semesters are included an evaluation test for the student and it is considered a preliminary stage to moving to the next stage as considered:

  • Introduction in the Hospital Management
  • Managing the service organizations
  • Regulatory Environment in the health institutions
  • Human Recourses in the health organizations
  • Media and health education
  • ┬áManaging the health quality
  • ┬áManaging the professional health operations and maintenance in the health organizations
  • Marketing the health care services
  • Financial resources and accounting system


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