Quality Management Professional Diploma

Introduction to Quality Management diploma:

Once upon a time, the concept of quality in the medical field is developed through some simple performance standards to the nurse works were laid. That led to a significant decreasing in the deaths number to the quality application in the modern health domain as some specified standards to the medical care leads to decreasing the impact of the communicable diseases. Understanding and providing the support in the quality improvement areas are considered one of the priorities which aimed by the health facilities through preparing cadres capable on improving the quality of public services and performance.


Aims of the Quality Management diploma:

  • Improving health quality in hospitals by regarding applying it and unify its standards
  • Training the staff of health sector on the most recent quality methods with the team members
  • How to use quality data to make the needed changes to improve, follow up and observe performance
  • Increasing the support of workers and instill experiences among care team through the newly-trained workers


content of the Quality Management diploma:

  1. Inclusive quality management
  • The rule of leadership in quality control
  • Supporting organizational obligating for quality
  • Involving stakeholders
  • Incorporating environmental safety programmes in corporations
  • ¬†Enhancing population health and continuing care
  • Inclusive quality building
  • Corporations help in keeping awareness of legal and organizational needs
  • Facilitating the development of quality structure
  • Ensuring the right of effective remedy and complaint management
  • Financial benefits of quality programmes
  • Designing and collecting data
  • Applying methodologies of taking informations to collect data
  • Organizing collecting data
  • Rate customers needs
  • Checking the accuracy of data
  • Analyzing and measuring data
  • Using tools to show data
  • Using statistics to describe data
  • Data layout to support decision making
  • Planning to measure performance and improving data
  • Helping to determine priorities
  • Developing and facilitating work plans and projects
  • Carrying out and evaluating performance
  • Observing the timetables of the project
  • Evaluating the efficiency of the team
  • Carrying out the activities of risk control


  1. Patients safety
  • Evaluating and planning for patients safety programme
  • Rating the culture of patients safety in the corporation
  • Determining the suitable technology to enhance patients safety programme
  • Carrying out and evaluating patients safety programmes
  • Helping with doing patient safety activities.
  • Facilitating the continuous evaluation of patient safety


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